5 Vastu Tips For Dream Job

Many aspects determine professional performance, however Vastu Shastra is disregarded. This ancient Indian architecture and design science can shape your career. This blog gives 5 Vastu job-finding tips.

Create an Inspiring Work Environment

Your surroundings greatly impact your productivity and thinking. East and north are fortunate Vastu directions for workspaces. This boosts positivity and encourages creativity and attention.

Activate the Career Zone

Career success lies in north Vastu. This zone should contain your desk, files, and important documents for good vibrations. Cleaning and organizing your office will assist you progress.

Harness the Power of Colors

Colors alter our energy and emotions. Certain colors represent success and prosperity in Vastu. Green and blue in the office boosts positivity and job advancement.

Enhance Personal Growth with Crystals

Crystals are energy-giving. Citrine or clear quartz at your southeast desk corner attracts success and abundance. Crystals boost vitality and career opportunities.

Balance the Elements

Vastu balances air, space, fire, water, and earth. Use these office supplies to plan. A little fountain, candles, well-ventilated air, indoor plants, and clutter-free surroundings represent earth, water, fire, and space.

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