A sugar detox can help you lose weight and provide other health advantages.

Most individuals eat too much sugar. Too much sugar causes inflammation, which can promote weight gain and other health difficulties. That's why excessive sugar detox is popular.

Sugar detox involves eliminating excess sugar from the body. But not all sugar is harmful. Natural sugar in fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy is healthy. Health problems arise when most of our sugar comes from added sugar in cookies, bread, cakes, plant-based milk, namkeen, and more.

One way to eliminate additional sugar from the body is to undergo a sugar detox. If you want to enhance your health and reduce your cravings for sugar, you should try being sugar-free for a week or two.

At least one to two weeks of sugar detox is recommended. A sugar detox is meant to change your long-term sugar relationship. After the detox, one can slowly reintroduce natural sugar. Cutting additional sugar can improve health over time. Common benefits include:

According to a 2014 research, those who consumed 17–21% of their daily calories from added sugar had a 38% higher chance of dying from heart disease than those who consumed less, approximately 8%.

Sugar reduction is tougher than it looks. Many experience sugar cravings and withdrawal. Sugar withdrawal symptoms are comparable to nicotine withdrawal.

The symptoms of sugar withdrawal might last anywhere from a few days to three weeks. Listed below are the measures that you can take to reduce their impact:

The consumption of a breakfast that is abundant in proteins, complex carbohydrates, foods that are high in fiber, and healthy fats will help maintain a balanced blood sugar level and minimize cravings for sweets throughout the whole day.

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