Bills advise spectators in snowy stands to wear waterproof trousers and boots.

The roads in Buffalo are safe, the field is clear, and the Bills are prepared to play host to the Steelers this afternoon

This is some of the good news reported from Buffalo.

Those who have purchased tickets, however, are in for some bad news: the stands have not been emptied.

 As a consequence of this, spectators ought to ensure that they arrive to the game dressed as though they are going to be seated in snowdrifts.

The Buffalo Bills announced on their social media accounts that their snow removal teams are working tirelessly to clear away as much snow as they possibly can before the game begins

"A reminder to all fans attending today’s game, please dress appropriately for the cold weather including waterproof boots and pants."

In a video that was distributed by the National Football League, the playing field appears to be as clear as if there had been no snow at all. On the other hand, the stands are still blanketed with snow, and it appears like there is more snow than could reasonably be cleared by the kickoff at 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time

In spite of the fact that attending today's game won't be the most comfortable experience, Bills supporters won't be upset if their team comes out on top.

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