Here are some ways to determine whether or not you are going to extremes in order to make your relationship work.

Different people view their connection differently. Some individuals let attachment bloom on its own without worrying about the implications, while others go the additional mile to maintain their relationship. It's fine to put additional effort into your relationship, but it might seem too much if you strive too hard to make it work even when your spouse doesn't love you back.

Understand that a dying relationship will never be the same again, and even if you try to restore it, it will be a loveless relationship where both parties are forced to be together. Before you make that mistake, find out whether you're overdoing it to make your relationship work.

Compromising in your relationship is OK unless you're continually doing it to please your partner. Understanding your partner's demands is far different from sacrificing your happiness for them. If you're doing the latter, your relationship will crumble and feel pointless.

You and your partner must work at a relationship. If just you do it, your relationship has a significant problem and you're working too hard to make it work.

Being in a relationship doesn't mean you neglect yourself for your spouse. You need to learn self-compassion. If you're working too hard to satisfy your spouse and putting their wants above yours without them doing the same, you'll lose yourself.

Are you and your partner often fighting? Does your partner start most of those fights? Most importantly, are you always sorry? If you answered yes to all these questions, it's clear that you're working too hard to keep your relationship healthy.

No question, everyone has issues. If you're continually attempting to address your partner's problems before your own, it's an indication that you're working too hard to make your relationship work. Before prioritizing others, prioritize yourself. Maybe that's better for the future.

Your breakup anxiety affects your overall effort to keep your relationship going. If you're always afraid about a breakup, you'll want to keep your spouse happy to avoid it. You must know that if it's meant to happen, it will, so don't sacrifice your pleasure.

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