Instructions on how to get the most out of the vitamin C and zinc that you get via your diet

Zinc and vitamin C are essential for immunological health and pathogen defense. When the country is struggling with COVID-19, including these two nutrients to your diet can help your body fight the virus and recover faster. Diet is the greatest and healthiest way to receive these two nutrients.

Many foods are high in Vitamin C and Zinc, helping you reach your RDI. You should take these nutrients carefully to ensure adequate absorption. Here's how to maximize nutritional absorption from your food.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is water-soluble. Vitamin C dissolves in water and is then distributed throughout the body. Our bodies cannot store this vitamin, thus we must eat it regularly.

Men over 19 should consume 90 mg of Vitamin C daily, and women 75 mg. During pregnancy and lactation, daily needs rise to 85 mg and 120 mg. Smokers should take 35 mg more vitamin C since smoking depletes vitamin C.

Heat and light may degrade vitamin C in food, so get it raw. Vitamin C can be destroyed by long-term high-temperature cooking. In addition, cooking in water might leach the vitamin into the liquid, which you may not drink. Vitamins are best preserved by stir-frying or blanching. Eat ripe fruits for the most Vitamin C.

Our bodies need trace zinc. This vital vitamin activates over 300 enzymes that assist the body perform various processes. Zinc aids DNA replication, cell development, protein production, tissue repair, and immune system function. This mineral is especially needed during fast development, such as childhood, puberty, and pregnancy.

Men over 19 should consume 11 mg of zinc per day, and women 8 mg. Zinc needs rise during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Pregnant and nursing women need 11 mg and 12 mg zinc, respectively. High zinc intake can induce fever, coughing, stomach ache, exhaustion, and other issues. Taking more than 100 mg of zinc everyday for 10 years raises prostate cancer risk. Zinc is safe up to 40 mg.

Add beef, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate, and others to maximize zinc absorption. Our bodies absorb nutrients better from animal sources than plants. Take zinc in lower doses to improve absorption. Add protein to zinc-rich foods to boost absorption.

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