Intermittent fasting: helpful hints and strategies for folks who are constantly on the go

Okay, let's get down to business. One method that has been shown to be effective and supported by scientific research is intermittent fasting. It is not the simplest to follow, particularly in the initial stages of the process.

During the lockdown and in the breaks between hard work hours, it has also been one diet that many people appear to have followed throughout the period.

Long fasting hours, perhaps 20 hours, can cause stress, exhaustion, hunger pangs, and gnawing stomach sounds during a hectic shift. Unorderly eating or not regulating portion sizes during 'eating hours' might also hinder the fasting plan's effects.

You don't have to start big. For those new to Intermittent Fasting, adjust your diet to help your body adjust. Focus on a schedule-friendly diet rather than intensity. Over time, fasting will become easier as you become more tolerant.

Hydration is key to avoiding stress and cravings during fasting. Water and most hydrating liquids are zero-calorie and safe during fasting. You can drink herbal teas, black coffee (without sugar), and hydrated drinks all day. Make sure you meet everyday needs.

Meal planning is the greatest approach to eat nutritious, thoughtful meals when you're short on time. Prepping meals ahead of time will help prevent you from overeating during the non-fasting session. Consuming too many calories, junk food, or oil negates the benefits of fasting.

Experts recommend starting Intermittent Fasting with smaller meals and maximizing your eating window. Split your calories when the eating window opens instead than eating all at once. If you have an 8-hour eating window, eat every 2-3 hours. Avoid undereating when fasting by matching your calorie intake.

Listen to your body and don't fight it to make the diet work. Your lifestyle, eating habits, and preferences will determine which Intermittent Fasting'style' is best for you. Starting with extended fasting hours isn't ideal either. Slow down and focus.

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