Buffalo beats Pittsburgh in playoffs, showing Pittsburgh it needs to improve this summer.

When the Pittsburgh Steelers were primarily watching Josh Allen run through half-hearted tackle attempts on his way to a 52-yard score, they knew they weren't good enough.

Great to make the playoffs. A playoff berth wouldn't be awful for certain teams. That shouldn't include the Steelers. Expect more.

The Buffalo Bills defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-17 in an AFC wild-card game on Monday, showing how distant they are from a title. Steelers trimmed Buffalo's 21-0 second-quarter advantage to seven points in the fourth quarter, but the outcome was never in question

On a Khalil Shakir touchdown reception, he demonstrated exceptional balance to stay on his feet and score. The Steelers were likely the 14th best team in the NFL playoffs. Your Dallas Cowboys jokes are heard.

The Bills play the Chiefs on Sunday night. Another AFC divisional round encounter was scheduled. Saturday afternoon will see the Houston Texans versus the Baltimore Ravens.

Allen's run summed up the teams' separation. A brilliant quarterback and several blue-chip players play for Buffalo. The Steelers have excellent players, but the Bills easily beat them.

The Steelers made the playoffs after a late surge. Mason Rudolph, their third starting quarterback, won three straight to close the season. They entered with assistance.

Many Steelers supporters, especially those who remember the Super Bowl, won't be impressed. They respond to Mike Tomlin's never-losing season by saying this was the fifth consecutive season without a postseason win. In that time, the Steelers are 0-4 in playoffs.

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