(Part-2) If Mike McCarthy is in hot water, I should be in hot water, too, Dak Prescott.

Impressively, "he's been amazing," Prescott remarked. Even though I am familiar with the industry, I have no idea what [McCarthy's future] holds. If that's the case, I feel like it should also be about me. My season has been what it has been due of that person

 He is largely responsible for the team's success. Obviously, the goal is to win the Super Bowl; that's what the league expects, and it certainly ought to be what this place strives for as well. Yes, I understand, but please include me on that list anyhow.

For the 2024–25 season, he will start at quarterback for the Cowboys, thanks to his $59.455 million cap hit. But after that, what happens to him? Is a long-term agreement worth greater than $50 million each season to the Cowboys for him?

With 36 touchdown passes and 9 interceptions, Prescott had a season reminiscent of an MVP.

Yet, in eight seasons, he has managed just two wins and five losses in the playoffs, with a best-case scenario of reaching the divisional round.

A questioner wanted to know whether Jones would reconsider his long-term commitment to Prescott in light of his performance on Sunday.

Nothing at all has occurred to me regarding this. "I haven't given it any thought, so I won't comment on it," Jones stated. Ever since we learned we would be playing on home field, my whole focus has been on getting ready to go from one game to another one here at the stadium

If I want to think about anything other than the game next week, I have to go all the way back to the beginning of my mental process.

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