Red Snapper Holiday Shot Recipe

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with shots? Red snapper is a festive, easy shot that tastes like Christmas. Red snappers contain Canadian whisky (usually Crown Royal), amaretto, and cranberry juice.

– 3 fresh cranberrie – 1 sprig rosemary – 1 ounce simple syrup – 2 tablespoons granulated sugar – ½ ounce Crown Royal whisky – ½ ounce amaretto – 1 ounce cranberry juice



Combine the cranberries and rosemary in a small bowl, and then add the simple syrup to the mixture.

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Shake off any excess syrup and spread the mixture out on a sheet tray. This will ensure that the cranberries and rosemary are sticky but not wet.

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Toss the sugar in a gentle manner, then allow it to dry. A cocktail shaker that is already filled with ice should be used to pour the whisky, amaretto, and cranberry juice into. 

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This should take about 15 seconds. Shake until chilled. In a shot glass, strain the mixture. 

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A sugared rosemary sprig should be used as a garnish when the shot is served, and sugared cranberries should be dropped into the shot.

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It goes without saying that the cranberry juice is the best option; any juice that contains cranberries will do, even if it is combined with other fruits.

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