Ron DeSantis charges media interference in the Iowa election. Part 3 of the caucuses before Trump's quick victory.

"This is a genuine situation. Until now, Deace had never seen anything like this amount of chatter so late in the game. "The level of enthusiasm we're displaying right now is unparalleled by any of the other successful campaigns I've worked on in Iowa."

To avoid setting unrealistic expectations for caucus night, DeSantis and his campaign team have been cautious. In response to reporters' questions about his caucus night goals or if he would be OK finishing in second place behind Trump, DeSantis stated that he will "do well" in Iowa.

The delegates must be in your favor. He made it clear that there were representatives present. New Hampshire is home to delegates... We will accomplish it. That being said, we are actively engaging in it.

Even if DeSantis loses the Iowa Caucus to Trump, he still has a chance to improve his standing for the next elections if he has a shockingly good showing. Despite the snowstorm on Saturday, DeSantis' backers were prepared to take their campaign to the next level by publicly stating their belief that DeSantis will win the caucuses.

"I can tell you without hesitation: With the energy, the motivation, just what we're seeing as we travel the state: This guy is going to be the winner of the Iowa Caucus on Monday night," said Reynolds. We must not disappoint, so let's get going. Now we're on game day. Leaving it all on the field, we have to bring it across the finish line.

The state of Iowa is currently preparing them for departure with the most extreme winter weather possible, replete with temperatures below zero and snowfall of roughly two feet.

With forecasted nighttime temperatures below zero and wind chill that might drop to almost minus 20 degrees, Caucus Day has the potential to be the coldest day in the history of the United States. Those who support DeSantis are hopeful that their passion for the governor of Florida would provide him an advantage, pushing people out to vote even under the most difficult of circumstances.

This is going to be a chilly day. According to what DeSantis said on Saturday, "it is not going to be pleasant." "But ... if you're willing to brave the elements and be there for the couple hours that you have to be there, if you're willing to do that and you're willing to fight for me on Monday night, then as president, I'll be fighting for you for the next eight years, every single day."

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