Some of Trump's weaknesses were exposed in the Iowa caucuses.

Despite the fact that Trump won Iowa with a decisive victory, the election revealed numerous vulnerabilities that the former president had on a national level.

The suburbs are a relative weakness for Trump, since just around four out of ten Republicans in Iowa who live in the suburbs support him. According to AP VoteCast, a poll conducted by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research of more than 1,500 voters

 who stated that they intended to participate in Monday's Republican caucuses in Iowa, Trump continues to have a significant advantage over his closest competitors in the suburbs, but this advantage is not as large as it is in other regions.

Additionally, Trump does not have the same level of attraction with college grads. 

 By contrast, about half of those who supported Haley and DeSantis have a college degree, whereas only two out of ten of Trump's supporters in Iowa have a college degree.

And there are the legal issues that Trump is facing. There are approximately one quarter of members of the Republican caucus

who believe that President Trump has committed an illegal act in relation to at least one of the legal cases that he is currently facing. These cases include his role in the riot that occurred at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, his alleged attempts to interfere in the vote count in the presidential election of 2020,

and the discovery of classified documents at his home in Florida that were supposed to be in the custody of the government.

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