The third installment of Vivek Ramaswamy's decision to back Donald Trump as president was revealed by the campaign.

Despite the fact that Voss enjoyed his face-to-face interactions with Ramaswamy, he acknowledged that he would still vote for Trump.

"I like him, but I think he and Trump could be pretty compatible, pretty strong allies," Voss said in an interview.

I was just telling him that I respect him and that I appreciate what he is doing, but that I am pretty much a fan of Trump. I said this just now.

At the Eternity Church, which is located just across the street from the Horizon Events Center, two precincts, one from Clive and the other from West Des Moines, convened.

There were around 250 persons present. In his statement, Ramaswamy stated that the government in the United States is accountable to the people.

When Ramaswamy ran for office, he made a commitment to protect both the southern and northern borders of the United States. Additionally, he made a commitment to dismiss "75% of all federal bureaucrats."

In addition, Ramaswamy made a commitment to make Election Day a federal holiday, to ensure that elections are held solely with paper ballots, and to ensure that the only language that may be printed on an election ballot is English.

"That's obvious," Ramaswamy remarked. Neither Democrats nor Republicans should hold these values; they aren't black or white. These are the principles for which the American Revolution was waged in 1776.

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