Three people were killed in a small plane crash in North Texas, according to the police; the National Transportation Safety Board has opened an inquiry.

The police have reported that an aircraft crash that occurred on Sunday afternoon west of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan region resulted in the deaths of three individuals.

The airplane crashed at Poolville, Texas, an unincorporated village 38 miles west of Fort Worth, according to the Parker County Sheriff's Office. The sheriff's office said that the plane accident killed all three passengers, including the pilot.

After receiving reports of a downed airplane, the sheriff's office, Texas Department of Public Safety, and other emergency officials arrived. Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board are investigating crash.

The NTSB said that all three persons were aboard a Cessna C310 flying from Carrizo Springs, Texas, near the U.S.-Mexico border, to Bridgeport, Texas, in Wise County.

The NTSB informed USA TODAY that the jet lost radar and contact before crashing at 12:30 p.m. local time. The jet crashed 10 miles southwest of Bridgeport Municipal Airport.

At the scene tomorrow morning will be an NTSB investigator. An NTSB email stated that the investigator will document the scene and examine the aircraft upon arrival. "The aircraft will then be recovered to a secure facility for further evaluation."

It is anticipated that an investigator from the National Transportation Safety Board would arrive at the scene tomorrow morning.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) stated in an email that once the investigator arrives at the scene, they will immediately begin the process of recording the incident and analyzing the aircraft. "The aircraft will then be recovered to a secure facility for further evaluation."

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