Trump, Haley, and other Republicans support the nominee before the important Iowa Caucus 2024 part 3.

As a result, the Ohio businessman stated that he would want to see three armed security officers in most schools and up to five armed security guards in schools that are larger.

"We apply more security in our airports, banks, and many shopping malls than in our schools, and I think that's a failure," Ramaswamy said. “Our children and those who educate them are our greatest national asset. The least our nation can do.”

Haley opened her campaign in Adel, Iowa, by urging the gathering to "lift up the Perry community in prayer" after Perry High School Principal Dan Marburger died Sunday.

In the course of a school shooting that took place earlier this month, Marburger was shot numerous times while attempting to divert the attention of the 17-year-old gunman who was responsible for the death of an 11-year-old pupil and the injuries of 11 others.

"What happened in Perry, whenever you turn on the TV, it doesn’t matter what state it is, it still hurts," Haley commented on. We are still experiencing it. Still, our hearts are breaking. And today, when I learned that we had lost Dan Marburger, my heart sank once more. The principal was a brave individual. He was able to rescue lives."

According to Haley, the efforts of Marburger serve as a reminder of the decent individuals who come forward in the face of unfortunate events. On that particular day, she requested that the crowd express their gratitude to the educators, law enforcement personnel, and other authorities who reacted to the shooting incident.

"First there’s shock and then there’s sadness and then there’s healing," according to Haley. In light of the fact that it occurred one day and was no longer broadcast on television, let us not forget it while they go through this process. It is important to keep in mind that this is going to be a journey for them, and we must continue to pray for them.

"We cannot afford to lose this election," he said. She is the only candidate that has the ability to win over independents, in addition to women and members of minority groups. The whole she is is a whole package. And not only does she have the vision, but she also follows through on what she says.

There were around one hundred people present during the campaign event, and one of the individuals who posed questions to DeSantis after he finished his stump speech was a student. Although the question could not be heard from the back of the room, it seemed to be concerning the shooting that took place earlier this month at Perry High School as well as the regulations that DeSantis has in place regarding firearms.

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